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Over 1,300 Killed in Three WeeksOver 1,300 Killed in Three WeeksThe death toll alone makes the conflict in Israel a tragedy. However, when Israel shelled a school housing sleeping children on the Gaza strip, the conflict reached an entirely new level of calamity. Described as a “disgrace to the world”, Israel’s attack killed at least 15 people and injured more...Read More >>
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Fukushima has 9 days to prevent ‘unsafe' overheating’Staff July 6, 2014 /  New concerns over Fukushima have been reported.  ...

Delay Some Gardening Between SeasonsTony TomeoFor gardening, this is one of those in-between times of year when summer chores are under control, but it is a bit too early for...

The Beach Cant Take Any MoreThe Beach Can't Take Any MoreKrista BurkeECOSLO Prepares For the 30th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day Declaring That The California Coastal Commission is proud to announce the 30th annual California ...

Shaking With AnticipationShaking With AnticipationKrista Burke This Saturday, July 12 is said to be the next ‘Super Moon’. On this day, the moon will be closer to the Earth than at...


Largest Supermoon of 2014 on August 10thLargest Supermoon of 2014 on August 10thKrista BurkeA supermoon, or perigean full moon, is a term used for a time when the moon most closely coincides with perigee, the moon’s closest point...

Sign of the Month: CancerVivienne MoranCANCERJune 21-July 22“I FEEL” A cardinal water signRuling planet: MoonSymbol:  The CrabColors: Silvery-blue and Smokey- grayGemstone: PearlIdentified with: Stomach,...

July 2014 Astrology by VivienneVivienne MoranCANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANCER! A desire to expand your horizons in the world of finance may escalate as your personal year gets...

Astrological Summer NewsVivienne MoranThe sun entering Cancer on June 21 at approximately 4:52 A.M. PDT ushers in the first day of summer. This opens up a fresh three...


Belhaven Mayor Out to Make a DifferenceBelhaven Mayor Out to Make a DifferenceKrista BurkeThe mayor of Belhaven, North Carolina is not happy with the closure of one of his town's hospitals. After the transfer of the hospital fell...

The Importance of Vitamin D for Normalizing Your Cholesterol LevelsThe Importance of Vitamin D for Normalizing Your Cholesterol LevelsDr. Joseph MercolaYou cannot get the vitamin D needed from foods alone. Appropriate sun exposure can easily provide more thab 20,000 units per day, while food rarely...

 Commuting Via BicycleCommuting Via BicycleMeagan FribergSearching the Internet, it’s easy to find a plethora of articles touting the benefits of bicycling, from commuting to and from work to exploring the...

Despite Risks, Cycling Boosts Both Physical and Mental WellbeingDespite Risks, Cycling Boosts Both Physical and Mental WellbeingRebecca HeathNearly every day Chris Macek dons full reflective gear, straps on a helmet and starts her daily commute from her Shell Beach home to her...

The Impact of a Leaky GutThe Impact of a Leaky GutDavid M. Marquis, DC, DACBNAs we move into spring, many will turn to thoughts of planting a garden, cleaning out the house and generally going through the annual renewal...



The Giving GardenDori StoneIn an era of increasing economic hardship, lifestyle-related health issues, environmental challenges, and rising youth violence, the “Giving Garden” was conceived in 2013 as a...The Giving Garden

No Summer Travel Plans? Take A Train RideTammie BurnsedAugust is already here, and the back-to-school countdown has begun. If you forgot to put “have a memorable family vacation” on your summer to-do list...No Summer Travel Plans? Take A Train Ride

The New West Guitar GroupIP StaffThe Painted Sky Concert series is pleased to present An Evening of outstanding guitar music featuring The New West Guitar...The New West Guitar Group


Edward Snowden: NSA Spied on Human Rights GroupsAaron Ochs Speaking from a live video feed from Moscow, former National Security Agency contractor-turned-whi...Edward Snowden: NSA Spied on Human Rights Groups

Turkey Cracks Down on Social Media WhistleblowersStaffAfter the Turkish government issued a crack down and ban on social media platforms, Twitter has bloc...Turkey Cracks Down on Social Media Whistleblowers

Whistleblower Protection ExpandsStaffOn March 4, 2014, the United States Supreme Court expanded the reach of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 20...Whistleblower Protection Expands

Take a Look Inside FirstLook.orgStaffWhen First Look Media was announced in October, it went by another name: NewCo. Nobody knew what New...Take a Look Inside


Immigration Policy, Is There a Right Answer?Krista BurkeWith record number of migrant children arriving at our border, the U.S. has been put under a lot of pressure to figure out what to...Immigration Policy, Is There a Right Answer?

Mighty MayaStaffMaya Angelou, who passed away May 28 at 86, was a transformational figure in the African-American community. She spoke with such carefree eloquence, yet her...Mighty Maya

FCC Proposes New Neutrality RulesAaron OchsThe Federal Communications Commission formally proposed new "net neutrality" rules on May 15, which allows for Internet service providers to charge specialized content providers like...FCC Proposes New Neutrality Rules

Is Fracking in the Midwest Causing Earthquakes?Aaron OchsHundreds of earthquakes take place in the Midwest. It’s not the usual earthquakes. All of these earthquakes have been happening within close proximity to hydraulic...Is Fracking in the Midwest Causing Earthquakes?

For Young Woman, Sexual Violence is ‘The New Normal’StaffA new report released in February attempts to explain why most sex crimes against women go unreported. As it turns out, many of the victims...For Young Woman, Sexual Violence is ‘The New Normal’


Reflections on Women's Equality DayAngie KingAug. 26 marks the94thanniversary of the day that the United Sates Constitution was amended in 1920 to grant women the right to vote. We...

Becoming the ChangeDorothy MonzaA year ago I would have scoffed at the idea of running for Senior Class President at my high school. I didn’t have political aspirations...

Action or inaction?Heather YoungThis month's issue is focusing on action, activism. Each day each of us are faced with doing something or not -- to take action on...