Music Review – Blame Sally

San Francisco act Blame Sally has a very interesting blend of female vocals and acoustic melodies. Their layered music creates a tangible theme, unique to each song. Truly a pleasant vibe overall; their music has parts that are easy to relax to. Don’t get too comfortable though, they aren’t afraid to quicken the pace and play with vigor. Soft crooning can develop into louder and soulful singing, and it’s always full of passion. Accompanied by guitar, piano, percussion and even accordion, this group has a very appealing sound. Their music captures a feeling and strides with it for the entire song.

The abilities of the musicians are evident, as their guitar leads stay on topic while still rocking out, and the rhythm guitar can haunt the ears, as it does in “Hurricane.” The accordion is a neat addition, creating an extra coating of rhythm and melody to the mix. I like the piano parts as well; they add a harmonious element, especially in “Night of 1000 Stars.”

Blame Sally have obviously put a ton of effort into their music, and we can see them onstage May 16th at Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo. Check out for instant tunes.